Our business:


Your expert for

  • Packaging Business, Sustainability, Circular Economy and Recycling
    more than 30 years experience and industry know-how
  • Consulting, Coaching, Implementation
  • Business Development, New Business Development



Your Distribution partner for

  • sustainable packaging materials
    r-PET materials, development of new recycling material streams, alternative solutions

Industrial partner of

  • PETman GmbH
    Frankenburg a. H, Austria, PET recycling technology and sheet supplier in Europe

monitoring – identification – realization of new ideas

Industrial sector

We offer sustainable packaging solutions for several industries and retail

  • FMCG
  • Food-Industry
  • Packaging-Industry
  • Recycling Industry
  • Circular Economy


The expertise of Boldog Consulting is

  • monitoring,
  • identification,
  • realization

of new ideas for manufacturing industries with

  • consulting,
  • coaching,
  • implementation

in fields of

  • business development,
  • new business development and
  • sales.